Matthew Doueal

Published professional Film Photographer and Filmmaker based out Brisbane,

Published in:  


Terroir Magazine,

Fuzz Magazine, 

My Story:

I picked up my first camera at the age of 12 when my friend and I decided that we wanted to recreate popular skateboarding movie ‘Almost: Round Three’. I very quickly became obsessed with picking up my mother’s point and shoot camera and experimenting with different ways that people could view the world. My obsession never dimmed down and has only gotten stronger as my journey continued.

I studied a Diploma of Screen and Media at MSIT, and from this I decided to go directly into freelance work. I have since done a huge variety of work, ranging from promotional videos for schools and small business, to fashion videos, creating my own short films and working with QAS creating educational videos.

Through travelling around the world, I found my passion for taking landscape photos and capturing memories that I never wanted to forget. I soon started finding my style of photography and moved into portrait and fashion images inspired by the modern 70s-90s. I put down my digital camera for a while and picked up a retro 35mm and 120mm film cameras and had a long play with how best to portray my vision with film. My first publication was with Fuzz Magazine for a set “Nostalgia 95”, and this drove my hunger further to create more of these inspired photos. I had my first photography exhibition with RAW Brisbane, showcasing my photography set “The Kids are Alright”.

 I’m excited for what the future holds, and I hope that you will come with me along this journey.

My name is Matthew Doueal and this is my story……so far.